Customer Testimonials

Cecilia Need Help Post Skiing Accident

While Cecilia was recovering her range of motion with physical therapy, she hit a plateau. That’s when her therapist recommended the Ermi Knee Flexionater.

In a few short weeks, she was able to not only break through the plateau but gained an additional 25 degrees of flexion.

Cecilia states, “I am certain I could not have achieved my success without the Ermi Flexionater.”

Ivan avoided a Manipulation Post Knee Replacement using the Knee Flexionater

Ivan’s Surgeon recommended the Knee Flexionater when Ivan was stuck with 90 degrees of flexion post knee replacement surgery. Ivan’s alternative was a manipulation under anesthesia, while generally safe, does have some inherent risks.

Ivan followed the suggestion and used the Knee Flexionater for two months. He is now able to return to his active lifestyle.

Ivan says, “The Knee Flexionater is simple, easy, and safe to use. The people at Ermi have been tremendously helpful, and I would recommend anyone to consider an Ermi Program before additional surgery.”

Keith and Cici were impressed with the professionalism of the entire Ermi team.

Keith is a disabled veteran who proudly served in the Vietnam War. Thank you, Keith, for your service. His surgeon prescribed the Ermi Shoulder Flexionater to assist in his recovery.

While Keith and Cici were thankful for the device, they were extremely impressed with the professionalism and compassion of the entire Ermi team.

Keith commented, “The entire Ermi team and especially Jennifer Walter was outstanding; she was so friendly it felt like we have known her all our lives. But her deep knowledge of the Ermi Program made it easy for me to understand how to use the Shoulder Flexionater.”

Eddy used the Knee Flexionater after his TKA

Eddy is a disabled veteran, who has endured more than 40 surgeries. Thank you Eddy for your service. His recovery from a total knee replacement was accelerated by using Ermi’s Knee Flexionater.

Eddy explains, “The Knee Flexionater allowed me to rapidly regain my range of motion post-surgery. It is incredibly easy to use, in my home, by myself, and to my own tolerance. It is simple and easy to put away when not in use and I don’t think I would have recovered as fast as I did without it.

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