Introducing the new Flexionater+ line of devices.
These unique devices combine our patented patient-controlled high-intensity hydraulic mechanism with bidirectional stretching capabilities supporting both flexion and extension. This provides optimal protocol flexibility and accelerates the patient’s return to their active lifestyle.
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Free to move again.
Free to live again.

Severe motion loss is quality-of-life threatening.
We rescue patients so that they can live life to the fullest.


cases with zero
adverse effects


effective in restoring
range of motion

Restoring Full Range of Motion without Additional Surgery

Severe motion loss from scarring—also known as arthrofibrosis—affects ~15% of patients with orthopedic injuries. Ermi provides patients with a non-operative intervention that is safer, lower cost and is the standard of care for severe motion loss.

Confidence in the care

The Ermi program has had zero adverse effects in >150,000 cases and is >90% effective in restoring range of motion. We work with doctors and physical therapists to ensure the best possible outcome, and our certified professionals ensure total satisfaction.

Elbow Flexionater+

Power in the Program

Our high-intensity program is self-administered in the patient’s home, creating a continuum of treatment with physical therapy. Ermi devices empower the patient to slowly stress the joint, simulating physical therapy by stretching the tissues.

Ankle Flexionater Device

Success in the Simplicity

Our easy-to-use devices fit unobtrusively into patients’ homes and lives. The devices only need to be used for one hour a day, divided into ten-minute increments. When the solution is that patient-friendly, recovery is more certain.


Get your life back faster without risking the complications associated with additional surgery.

Physicians & Therapists

Improve the lives of your patients and the efficiency of your practice by removing obstacles to their treatment.


Reduce costs and improve results with a risk-free alternative to additional surgery.

After a few weeks using the Ermi device, the improvement in my range of motion and reduction of pain was remarkable. Thank you, Ermi.

Mark D. Patient

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