Patients get their lives back faster without risking the complications associated with additional surgery.

Revision surgery is an out-of-proportion solution for severe motion loss due to potential complications, recovery time, cost, and procedure limitations.

Recover without Risk

You’re already recovering from surgery, so why go through revision surgery if you don’t have to? The Ermi program to restore your full range of motion is safe, simple, and effective.

Heal with our Help

We work with your physician and physical therapist to ensure your motion loss treatment is on point, set up the device for you, and follow your progress.

Live without Limits

Ermi devices are compact and easy to use, and our program to help you restore your full range of motion fits smoothly into your life.

Veteran’s Affairs Benefits

For those who have served this country as a member of the United States uniformed services, we thank you. And we may be able to help you. You could be eligible for the Ermi program through your VA benefits. Contact us, and we’d be honored to help you get your full motion back.

Worker’s Comp

Injuries on the job are common and can affect anyone regardless of what you do for a living, and the path back to work can be hard. For those who have lost their full range of motion, the Ermi program puts you in control to safely restore your movement and return to work quickly.

“The devices were fantastic! I really think I would not be doing as well if I didn’t have them. They were extremely helpful especially in getting my knee to straighten.”

Deborah F. Patient

Current Patient

If you have a question, concern, or issue, please fill out the short form and we will have an Ermi representative get in touch with you.