Reduce costs and improve results with a risk-free alternative to additional surgery.

For patients suffering from severe motion loss, revision surgery as a solution is costly and risky. The Ermi program should always be the standard of care as the first choice before revision surgery.

Standard of Care

for severe motion loss

Lower Your Costs

With the Ermi program, you will reduce the need for costly revision surgeries and in-hospital treatment and decrease the number of disability payouts by getting your clients back to work faster.

Protect Your Investment

The Ermi program gets workers back on the job faster, reducing disability costs.

Lower Risk of Overuse

Strict compliance and use protocols ensure that only patients who need our solution receive it, and our Ermi professionals monitor patient progress to avoid overuse.

Featured Programs

“We have used the Flexionater…over the last few months, and I am impressed, as have the patients been in its assistance in obtaining better flexion in the knee. Especially with a motivated patient, I think it is an excellent tool.”

Joseph D. MD