Our highly effective program combines patented devices with expert support services.

Our unique patented devices create safe, high-intensity overpressure and stretching that, in partnership with physical therapy, leads to greater motion gains in shorter times. Ermi professionals support patients throughout their recovery, including medical paperwork, device set-up, and regular monitoring.

Introducing the New Flexionater+ Line of Devices

Our new Flexionater+ line of devices leverages our clinically proven patient-controlled high-intensity hydraulic mechanism to stretch both flexion and extension deficits with a single device. This allows the clinician to prescribe the best protocol to meet each individual patient's needs.

To learn more, visit our Elbow and Ankle Program pages.

Ermi professionals support patients throughout their recovery by:

  • Working with clinicians to care for the patient
  • Providing a smooth insurance claims process
  • Delivering the device, setting it up in the home, and instructing the patient
  • Committed to patient satisfaction


The Ermi Program

Download our Ermi Program Brochure.