The ankle moves in two main directions (dorsiflexion, or toes upward, and plantar flexion, or toes pointing downward).

Ankle Flexionater®

Loss of dorsiflexion is more common and difficult to treat because greater force is needed to stretch structures like the Achilles tendon and posterior capsule.

The high-intensity Ermi Ankle Flexionater has been engineered to specifically target those anatomic structures most affected by severe motion loss after ankle injury with force analogous to what a physical therapist would use, all while remaining in patient control.

Common Indications

  • Ankle fractures
  • Achilles tendon repair
  • Tibial fractures
  • Calcaneus fractures

Device Overview

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91% of patients achieved functional range of motion +110 degrees

“I used the Ankle Flexionater for five weeks and noticed huge improvement. I would recommend this to anyone who has had a severe ankle injury.”

Rachel W. Patient

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