Benefit from a hands-on partnership with the treating physician and physical therapist.

We work in partnership with the treating physician and physical therapist as an ancillary provider of value-added services that range from paperwork to patient support. This hands-on approach encourages success during a critical window to restoring range of motion—for instance, when a patient fails conventional treatment or fails to make normal expected progress.


  • Insurance paperwork is gathered by an Ermi representative to verify coverage, and conduct billing, eliminating workload because Ermi processes all approved insurance claims
  • Once insurance coverage is verified, an Ermi representative works with the physician and the therapist to care for the patient.
  • Ermi delivers device, sets it up in the home, and provides patient instruction tailored to meet the specific needs of the clinician and patient. The Joint Commission guidelines assure the highest level of quality and safety.
  • During use, the Ermi representative is available for patient questions and works with the patient’s therapist and physician to improve range of motion.
  • The Joint Commission guidelines are upheld throughout as the Ermi standard of care.

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